Le village du bucheron

Le village de Grandes-Piles

Les aventures Vent et Rivières

Microbrasserie À la Fût

Ville de Shawinigan

Location VTT Maximum Aventure

Expositions et musées

Cabane à sucre chez Danny

Arbre en Arbre

Ferme la Bisonnière

Golf Sainte-Flore


Les écuries Equi-Ami

Club de Golf

Réserve faunique

Les Forges-du-Saint-Maurice

Le festival western de St-tite

Le parc national de la Mauricie

Au jardin de Piga

Site amérindien Mokotakan

La cité de l'énergie

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During your stay at the Capitainerie du Passant, a multitude of activities are available. Visit the National Park of Mauricie where you could rent a canoe, kayak, or sail boat for an escapade on the river; explore the Lumberjack museum and our very charming village of Grandes-Piles.

There are many other attractions in the area such as the Cité de l'énergie, the Forges of St-Maurice, the Western Festival of St-Tite, and Mokotakan, a recreated American Indian village near the National Park, and much more.

You could play golf at one of the four golf clubs in the area. You might also want to roller blade in the Labyrinthe de la Forêt Perdue or go horseback riding. Rafting, mountain climbing or archery are also available. A flight over the area aboard a seaplane will surely amaze you!

Or simply enjoy the tranquillity of our home by relaxing and admiring the sunset!


You know Quebec is the most beautiful place of the world for snowmobiling. We offer you thousands and thousands of kilometres of marked out and wild trails. Several regions can be visited, according to the time you spend with us. We propose you several price packages, from one to ten days. You have only to contact us and we will be pleased to suggest you one adapted to your needs. From your room you can very easily reach the snowmobiling trails which are situated on the St-Maurice river. From there, you have many destination possibilities. Also, we can combine your snowmobiling price package with husky ride, white fishing (ice fishing), ice climbing, skating...

As for cross-country skiing and snowshoing the national park of Mauricie, situated at 15 minutes from Grandes-Piles, is considered as one of the most beautiful parks with trails trough the mountains and woods, with its wonderful decors. Come, we are looking forward to have you as our guest!


Manitou Muchers

Le Festi-Volant de Grandes-Piles

Sentiers glaçés du Domaine de la forêt perdue

Centre d'Aventure Mattawin

Exit Nature

Parc Île Saint-Quentin

Location de motoneiges

Ski de fond

Pêche sur glace

Ski Alpin


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